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Thanks for your reply. I just can’t imagine someone buying my house with its automated sprinkler sytsem and then telling them they need to unhook it all from the wall, bring it inside, hook it up to a keyboard and monitor and then run the wifi setup as you kindly suggested.

This is no slight on your comment, but only on the “process” of introducing someone to the Raspberry Pi/OSPI world. It would almost be easier to just buy an off-the-shelf, unless I created a “paint-by-numbers” instruction sheet for all this!

As you suggested, wouldn’t it be great if there was a button on the OSPI or Pi to press that then pinged all readable WiFi networks and from there, you could add in your SSID passwords!

I guess you’d still need to bring the device indoors to access a keyboard and screen, but it would make the setup/handover so much easier!

ps: Followup – would an “OpenSprinkler” be easier to set up for a “noob”, because it has an inbuilt LCD?