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I qiute agree that many people won’t have a clue how a sprinkler system works, has never changed their own car oil, calls the repair person when something breaks and never touched a lawn mower.

Our home only runs a small 7 zone system with 8 valves, but I have put a lot of time into it to get the watering set up well for each garden bed, and the garden is an asset to the home. I would not want it to “die of thirst” because a new owner can’t access the OpenSprinkerPi or an OpenSprinkler, and, where I live, don’t reckon there’d be too many OpenSprinkler experts on call.

Any new owner would probably just go to the local hardware store and buy an 8-zone device that they or someone else can set up, but I was thinking of advertising the house with a “mobile-phone-ready” sprinklers system.

Unless the “OpenSprinkler + TP Link wireless bridge” is easy to set up, and I swap over to this setup, perhaps I just won’t mention the sprinklers!