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I was thinking that, since Cumulus is open source, maybe it would be possible to tap into it to receive the weather station data rather than the Davis station direct. Cumulus in my case aggregates both the weather station and a separate Davis sensor array containing soil temp and moisture and leave transpiration. So it woul be optimal to have the OS take astream off my Cumulus server running locally on an RPi. The alternative would be for OS to understand the stream that comes off the weather station itself and just point the OS to that IP address and make the connection that way. I know I am over simplifying this but it feels like most of the work is done — the stream from the weather station is documented, the stream from WU is documented, the stream types from Cumulus are documented. If we could just link these then remote farmers like me could really take best advantage of the data without hitting a data transfer wall. And we could observe the weather in a high frequency way which, in the microclimate environment in which I live, is very valuable in terms of saving precious water.