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Cheers to that one, Ray!

So, currently we are (obviously) pulling our data from Weather Underground. That’s totally fine, since it is from our own personal weather station that sits in the yard. I’ve been talking with the developers over at WU and they are also working on receiving ETo data from PWS such as ours. Good news there as well.

Here’s my question … With Shawn’s algorithm being based off of available data from WU (I believe — I looked at it and it’s WAY over my head ha ha), will you make sure to have this number be taken from WU when they are ready with the data through their API?

I actually did a few queries to Shawn’s Python script, and it pretty much matches up (almost exactly) with the ET data that our Davis station is calculating. So his work is most definitely on point. But will OS pull the data from this WU data source as opposed to calculating, *if* it is available?

And also, how about the currently available soil moisture/temperature and leaf wetness data from WU? Is that possible to be incorporated as well? I know it’s getting complicated at this point — but my goodness how amazingly powerful this could be.

By the way, your product is so unbelievably awesome. It’s most definitely my most favorite gadget of the entire year! Thanks again, Ray.