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Great, thank you for the clarification.

I’m still trying to wrap myself around the amazing possibilities that OS can provide. Together with our Meteobridge and weather station, we are already getting warnings via SMS when certain weather events are happening in our area.

One example that doesn’t have anything to do with irrigation would be strong winds from the north. We recently had some new trees put in, and with any winds from the north greater than 10mpg sustained or gusts upwards of 20mph, one of the poor guys starts to lean a bit. So, unlike a weather event that could trigger an irrigation action, in this case, I have to go out with a strap and a pole, and anchor the tree down to support against the wind.

One approach could be to create programs specific for weather events (or any event, for that matter) that are not scheduled to run. Then, on demand, those particular programs could be run when necessary and comply with the current definitiosn to reset all stations.

However we are limited to what, 19 programs I think I read somewhere? Is it possible to increase that maximum without too much effort?