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Hello Ray,

almost one year after our discussion, I recently (2 days ago) noticed that IFTTT is now available for OpenSprinkler, and I want to warmly thank you for that !!!

I am currently far from the location where my OS is installed, so I cannot perform any test before some weeks or monthes. However, I am already thinking about the IFTTT applets I can prepare, mainly using the “Maker” and “Button widget” capabilities to interface with the OS functions.

I have attentively read the os-api-2.1.7.pdf document, and I think I understood how I can send to the OS the following requests :
– Manually run a station (using cm) : http://os-ip/cm?pw=xxx&sid=0&en=1&t=360
– Manually stop a station (using cm) : http://os-ip/cm?pw=xxx&sid=0&en=0
– Manually start a program (using mp) : http://os-ip/mp?pw=xxx&pid=0&uwt=0
but I am now wondering how I could stop a running program (whatever the way it has been started, manually or automatically) ?
Edit : it seems that I can use the “Change controller variables” (cv), “Reset all stations” (rsn) : http://os-ip/cv?pw=xxx&rsn=1
Am I right ?

Another thing I wish to be able to do is to inhibit (prevent) the future starting of any program, and reversely (other widget) authorize (= remove the inhibition) this starting : this is something I have to do sometimes for example when the wheather forecast are bad or when the recent watering has been quite excessive. When I want to inhibit the future program(s), I have to look inside several pages of the UI in order to uncheck the “enabled” box on each program, which is not always easy to do on a smartphone…
Edit : it seems that I also can use the “Change controller variables” (cv), “Operation enable” (en) :
inhibit = disable : http://os-ip/cv?pw=xxx&en=0
authorize = enable : http://os-ip/cv?pw=xxx&en=1
Am I right too ?

Thank you for your answer and help, best regards, and Happy New Year in advance.