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I will upload the OpenSensor software on github very soon ;it will be available in

The software is in very early deploiement stage , it is under testing and it will need to be cleaned up and better organized

I am preparing a simple user manual that you will find in the github README file.

Regarding hardware the project is very open….. as long as you start with a local WiFi network and an ESP8266 ( I use Nodemcu boards in order to use any usb power supply!)
…you can select the setup you prefer connecting your sensors to any available pin: you will specify your HW setup at run time with a few simple commands!
Data can be logged locally on the internal flash memory (4MB) using a SPIFFS file: /logs.txt.This file can be read remotely by a web query.You can also send data to Thingspeak channels that you can read from everywhere.
The type of sensors that OpenSensor supports can be extended very easily including their libraries and adding few lines of code, the ones available right now are:
-ultrasonic distance sensor like HC SR04
-temperature humidity sensor like RHT 03 or DHT0xx
-one wire family sensors like ds18b20 temp probes
-any other GPIO input reading
-input data can be also optained by Web Query :e.g. data from another unit and Weather Undergroud Stations Data……
-you can also compute your data to be recorded

Output commands can go to any available output pin and control any compatible device :like relay, leds, alarms …whatsoever! or can be sent to another unit or to an Open Sprinkler station.

The number of available pin can be extended easily using PCF8574 multiplexer unit that you can connect with I2c.

The unit SW has been made only for remote control so ,at the moment, no local User Interface is forseen (buttons inputs and LCD could be easily added later!)

For debug and unit control a TELNET server line is available and you can follow the data stream as well as the internal computations.Flash from ESP8266 internal led are used to interpret possible errors at setup stage (like boot loop).

To control the unit at run time you will have to define a number of RULES and LOGRULES that can be added and modified remotely by an API command, the language is very powerfull and easy to understand is based on a simplified Bitlash interpreter( that has been ported to ESP8266 with the addition of functions to access remote units pins. This way you can control any output line anywhere in the network1

For better understanding of the unit capabilities I will later provide examples on the github wiki.

Since SW is in very early stage and still under development , I look forward to have comments and suggestions from you guys!!!