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My pleasure!

Also, don’t forget about leaf wetness.

Not entirely sure what to do with that as well, but what I’ve noticed is that when we have mornings where the leaf wetness is 10+ (generally 0 by about 9a), the soil is pretty much damp and nothing needs water at all. Someone with more understanding about these measurements would know a lot more legitimate truth about the value of these …

But they said they are also adding evapotranspiration this year. So that should make things even more interesting.

A question about solar radiation too … If solar radiation is low (i.e., cloudy day), that would mean that any moisture in the soil or irrigation would most definitely stick around longer. So a cloudy day in summer should be taken advantage of. No idea how this could be implemented, but this type of sensor would have to be very close by the OpenSprinkler user’s location to be relevant. But for us out in the California desert, this could be unbelievably valuable.

Anyway, we are REALLY looking forward to the summer time with OpenSprinkler. We started in December, so we are getting to see the lower water levels. Summer should be fun.

Is there anything in the algorithm that can detect “ultra dry conditions”, and increase the water level over 100%? Last summer, our entire grass got fried and the whole lawn died. The issue was a combination of very high solar radiation and very low humidity. And we were already watering a lot more than normal … so that was a huge bummer!

Anyway, OpenSprinkler is one of my top 5 toys and tools right now. Cheers for the beautiful product. Take care Ray.