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Csaba Toth

Thanks Ray,

My prompt answer has been lost somewhere.

I had have a period of other projects duty. But now I am back to finish the coding of the sensor handling.

In ver.217 the 17 program space is 2433 bytes what shows one program needs 143 bytes. Is there a program structure layout?
To handle the flow and current alerts we need minimum of 112 bytes plus some OPTION bytes as I see now.
The only option is to decrease the number of programs by one or two to make the space.

There is a 24aa.. I2C eeprom in the OS design. I haven’t found any code what using this memory.
What is the original purpose?

From ver.216 minor4(?) SD is a must. As I see this is needed for additional storage space. Do you have some plan for increase the internal memory space?