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I am progressing with my work and I want to discuss some of the changes that I want to make to Esp8266 Open Sprinkler code.

Using open and close routines from OS Bee code has not been a problem.
More work for adaptation of LCD output to SSD1306 OLED with option to include more informations on lower lines.
With a single button all option input output screens are not available…… Any way out?
OS firmware continuously send commands to valve’s pin, this behaviour I think need to be modified for OS Bee , opening and closing command should be sent only once…..Am I right?

I start testing the settings on a prototype I have built with 2 lipo batteries and a 8 relay board , the 2 lipos are in parallel to power the Esp8266 are switched in series for actuation of the latching valves. I have checked: 8 volts are enough to switch!
I will be glad if somebody could test it on a real OS Bee 2.0!