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“With a single button all option input output screens are not available…… Any way out?” –> I think the simplest solution is to ignore using buttons to adjust option values — since most options are adjustable through the web interface, it’s not common to use buttons to adjust the values. Another option, which is more complicated, is to use button press of different lengths or different number of clicks to simulate different buttons. For example, short click, long press, double click, triple click etc. But this require some code to detect these different patterns.

Regarding the ‘continuously send commands to valve’s pin’ — you are right: on the OS, this is done to make sure the pin is synchronized with the controller status (there have been rare occasions where the shift register incorrectly flips the pin value, possibly due to signal interference, so it’s necessary for the microcontroller to refresh the shift register once in a while). For latching solenoid valve, you don’t need to do so.

Some latching valves, like Hunter’s, can be activated or deactivated with 9V battery. Orbit valves require at least 16 to 17 volt, I believe.

I will be glad to send you an OSBee as a gift if you send me an email with your shipping address. Thanks.