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Mike you have posted a question regarding a 5 year old version of the firmware. The logs are built in to the firmware now for all versions of OS. They can be accessed directly from the app, however they won’t necessarily tell you why something didn’t work. The logs show run times and weather adjustment information. Lots of times this information will explain a situation where something didn’t run, but in some cases it won’t.
For the times when logs don’t help first check all of your settings again. If you find it necessary to make changes be sure to save them prior to moving to the next setting.
If none of that works find the API document on the support pages and post your settings from /ja. Just be sure to remove personal information like your weather key, and remove the decimal component of your location. This will help others help you.

Also I would suggest starting a new topic as this one has very old information which will lead to confusion for others with similar issues.