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Thanks Ray
I appreciate your offer. If you give me a mail address I will be glad to send you my private address in Italy or if you prefer a US address where you can ship the unit.
That way I can test the code on your hardware!
Right now I have done most of the software and I am concentrating on the breadboard.
I have discovered that latching can be done with only 7 volts but the current is more then I had expected and consequently I fried some components and I am progressing slowly!
On the other side I have some good news regarding the battery duration :
With the Opensprikler Esp8266 and the new OLED display I find a 50 to 60 ma average consumption that lead to about 80 to 100 hours with 2 2600mAh batteries. With a 5w solar panel I can get the battery recharged in a full sunny day and I get 100 to 200 mA in a cloudy day …Therefore the actual total duration will be much more the 4 5 days with unfavourable weather conditions.