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I am experiencing these exact same symptoms all of the sudden.
– I have hardware version 2.3
– I am running firmware 2.1.6, which i upgraded to 2.1.7 to hopefully resolve the issue. Symptoms persist.
– My upgrade inherently performed a factory reset to eliminate bad or corrupt settings
– I see a steady green light with intermittent orange on the OpenSprinkler network cable adapter
– Right after a power cycle it works for no more than 10 minutes before i cannot connect to it anymore
– I had it connected to a TP-Link switch (not the same model as listed above), but I connected directly to my router and am having the same issue
– I tried two other IP addresses and both exhibited the same symptoms

I don’t know what else to try for troubleshooting and this thread makes me skeptical that it may be a hardware defect. Has anyone successfully resolved this issue?