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Okay sounds like enough to run with, I actually didn’t disappear sorry just got busy yesterday and never got back on here. I did however research a few different options for sensor just so I have a good idea of what is cost effective and will actually not die the first week in action. I do like the adafruit sensor package as they have worked well for me in the past and seem to take more abuse than designed for virtually every time. I’ll get started on programming tonight and should have something working pretty quickly. Ray and Samer have done a great job of keeping things organized well enough to work with easily.

As always this project is an open-source project and I am a huge proponent of never requesting a fee of any sort, I do appreciate mention if you like to do that kind of thing but honestly I would prefer you keep attention and support going to the guys that really made this idea possible. Without them I’d simply be bored and spending the time on some other money sink. Full disclosure Ray has also been very generous to developers with getting test rigs and other assistance so please do not in any way feel obligated to ever send anything other than a well meaning thanks. I do this in my free time so you are honestly saving me tons of money giving me focus on something to do.

I actually have the exact sensor you mentioned so let me dig it up and get going. Thanks for the opportunity to help someone else in the community.