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Alright so I was working out how to do some of the conversion from I2C data to a simple digital threshold signal for triggering the sensor port on the OS. Then I took apart the unit and low and behold it has an accessible I2C interface right above the LCD. This seems to exist on all of the units, according to documentation from Ray.

How handy are you with a soldering iron? It would literally be a 10 min addition to the unit if you could add pins to the SDA and SCL ports.

I’ll keep plugging ahead with both ways, but honestly if you were able to add some pins to those ports it open up a ton of other sensors to use as well. I2C is just a highspeed serial like interface if you aren’t super familiar.

Anywho I learned something so that’s fun, and I have what I would call a very hackish method working right now, so maybe another day to clean up code and figure out how to make it smaller so it fits on the OS for all the HW versions.

Let me know if you can solder or would be willing to send it to me and I’ll do it and send it back. I’m super interested in seeing this working for real. It works on my test unit, but I have the DC version 2.3