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I have both the 2.1 AC and 2.3 DC versions, but I can also simulate the hardware for firmware testing on my old Linux box. So as long as it runs on the old box it’ll go on any of the hardware versions.
Knowing that you are more than capable of putting in a couple of pins I should have something ready and tested on my end for you by Monday. I’m currently using the TLS2561 (the same sensor Ada fruit sells without the breakout) as the sensor. Right now I’m working out a nighttime accumulation problem. The sensor has such a great range it picks up my landscape lighting and triggers watering overnight. I would guess this isn’t a serious problem for once or twice type of triggers, but as the system scales it would run the potential for wasting a lot of water. That and the promotion of fungus growth could mean a real significant loss for small growers.
Pretty sure I can just work out a lower boundary and get it to stop, or use weather data from a connected system to get sunset time and stop watering.

Okay back to the fun that pays the bills, I’ll get back at this stuff after I’m off.