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Well not being the guy that has to work with revision of the case or boards, my if I could have everything wish would be for a pin setup like the current sensor input is designed. Maybe just another set on the top or something.

Knowing that requiring a remolding of the case could add costs, perhaps just a set of pins inside tucked up by the LCD,then if someone wants to use that connector they could figure out how to get a wire in there.

The biggest reason I ask for a change though is the capabilities that could nearly become drag and drop additions to the firmware. I’m currently working on the request to water using light accumulation, and discovered the pins and then the documentation for them over on rayshobby. Code wise I have to do very little to add the sensor and make it fully functional, however, I had to make sure the person requesting the feature could solder in pins. If they for some reason we’re unable to do it, adding the light sensor would be a pain firmware-wise because of the digital input to OS versus the analog nature or I2C output of most light sensors.

I’m super happy with the breakout right now, as a person that tinkers with everything, but I could see some pretty keen uses if more normalish people were able to take advantage of the built in functionality.

Basically I could see more uses for systems in greenhouses, or indoor plant watering. Or even off grid uses with localized weather stations. Another would be using lift or well pumps with limited supply. I2C just opens up a broader range of sensors, with simple mods to the firmware, that the current sensor port simply can’t handle. Of course cost benefit analysis would need to be addressed as I’m not a part of the financial side of things, but it seems to me more beneficial than not.

In summary, a small 4 pin (V+, GND, SDA, SCL) breakout through the side of the case somewhere would be great.