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Csaba Toth

Hi Samer,

It looks to increase the epoch timer value by 1 msec at every 5 seconds.
So it is something different.

Anyway our small team is on the way to add sensors to the OS system. The present config will upgrade from one sensor input to 4 inputs.
Rainsensor, Flowsensor, 2 soil sensors (one for sunny one for shaded areas).
Plus current sensor of the valve load.

Based on sensor measurement we are adding diagnostic & alarming features too.

I have made the hw design, tests, and the firmware is under coding.
It can be added to any existing OS systems (not OSPi at the moment) using the PT2 connector.
I will post it for the community after the appropriate test cycle to recive the more extensive field test of the contributors.

This will need to change the UI.
I will make a very straightforward description about the changes we need for above features.
At the moment our team is lack of javascript developers.
Can you make the coding of the required changes in the UI?

Thanks, Csaba