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@tcsaba101: sorry about my late response. At the moment both Samer and I are overloaded with work so I don’t think we will have time to help with the required changes in the UI. The entire project is open-source, so hopefully you can find someone to help you with the code changes.

Regarding the earlier posts, I may not be following all the details accurately, but here are two notes:
– the refresh interval (5 seconds) is hardcoded in the app / web interface. You can change that if you are customizing the UI. It of course has nothing to do with the firmware — once the app / browser is closed, it won’t poll the controller any further.
– the added time stamp (epoch time in msec) is for caching purpose (if I understand correctly from Samer’s post) — it’s for keep track of each unique call.
– The controller’s /jc (or more generally /ja) API returns the device’s epoch time (in seconds).