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Csaba Toth

Hi Ray and Samer,

Thanks for the answer, I am working on the changes with colleagues, just the learning curve could have been saved, if…
The Hw, Firmware adjustment to sensors handling is in good shape, the cloud server connection is under test, the Ui questions are on debate.

Some tech questions:
According to my observation the UI calls increasing the epoch time field by 1 at each calls (what takes place in every 5 seconds).

At starting the UI, there are 3 ssh calls established:
All looks ssh calls, but only opensprinkler and wunderground have data transfer in my monitor.
Can you tell some words about the content?

At start /jp, /jn, /jo, /js, /jc queries are requested separately, then /ja is requested in every 5 secs.
Does it have some practical sense?

Security is becoming more and more important. From this point the plain http data transfer is not safe.
Although the password MD5 hashed, but this is paperweight security.

The AVR8 structure does not gives a wide encoding selection, but have you got any idea to increase the data security in the transfer?