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3) Indoor Station: I wanted to control my Claber Oasis indoor watering system in the same way as my front and back garden setups so I have combined an ESP8266 with a motor shield to drive the 9V DC latching valve on the Claber. I have custom code running on the ESP that mimics the OpenSprinkler Remote Station api so that the main OSPi controller in the back garden can turn the Claber valve on/off using the Remote Station functionality. Again, keeps all the programme scheduling together.

Hi @Peter, I have contacted you from another thread where you related that you had managed to operate a latching valve with L293D H driver.
I’m very interested to know how has managed to make compatible OS software with this type of valves. I think the only way to do it is to assign two gpio pins to each station, one pin to indicate to the driver +9V and another pin to indicate -9V.
BTW, I haven’t been able to make this change in the source code.

Can you tell me how I can do it?

P.D: I’ve tried contact you via private message or via github but there are no such options.