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*Updating this thread*
Since starting this thread, I note that there is anew product that might really suit me the OpenSprinkler 3.
It has a tiny OLED screen where you can see the IP address of the device, and this might make it simpler to manage for the new owner of our home when we sell it!
It’s WiFi only I think, but as there is no ethernet cable running to the existing Pi, and I connect using Wii anyway, this won’t be a problem.

However, setup might be tricky. I’ve read the OpenSprinkler v3.0 Getting Started Guide and it looks like it boots into whereas my current router setup is

Could I still set up this new OpenSprinkler 3 if I set my laptop to this new range – 192.168.xx.xx and, once set up, change the device’s IP address from 192.168.xx.xx to 10.0.0.xx?

I think this might work, but would appreciate feedback.