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Thanks for the quick reply!

Just so I’m sure. it boots into AP Mode so it can be found by typing in and then, once connected to my WiFi network, it reboots into Client Mode I can change the IP range to something different to match my router?

In my setup, my router’s IP range is so I can set the OpenSprinkler 3 to that IP range and with a static IP of say

If this is the case, this new hardware looks ideal for me to leave behind when we sell our home, as the new owner would only have to find the “3” by using the same range of IP on their router – or, if different, reset the “3” to factory and then typing, find it there, then change the IP address to whatever they desire.

Only issue could be that my modified configuration settings for the names of the zones and the watering times would be reset, but, I guess I could give them a copy of the config file and they might be able to upload it once they have reset the “3” to their desired range.

Does that all make sense?