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Hi Ray,

Did you make a fix for this?

Today, I noticed that several of my sprinkler programs are not going to run at all next month (June).
I can only guess that it’s confused because today (the 31st) is odd, as is tomorrow.

I have one set to:
Use Weather Adj
4 days
Starting in 1 day
Even Days Only

And the other is set similarly, but to odd days only. (This is because they both cover some overlapping areas, but one is sprinklers and one is drip lines for the citrus trees and pots).

It’s been working for the last couple months, but I did have to reset it not long ago, and it looks like I’m going to have to again.
Let me know if you want logs or a backup, or have a test build.

App: 1.6.0
FW: 2.1.7