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Well thanks for replying. I will try to pick up where you left off. It looks like the latest 2.1.6 version corrects one of the errors you struggled with.


I downloaded you latest rev and am just trying to get it to verify under Arduino IDE. After adding the rtc lib and the specific LCD lib you reference in your readme, I am getting an unexpected error on verify using either the generic esp8266 board or the nodemcu. It appears to make no difference. I made no changes to the code.

Did I miss a required change to get started? 1st errors below, I can include more if it helps…………..


Build options changed, rebuilding all
sketch\EtherCardW5100_o.cpp: In member function ‘void BufferFiller::emit_p(const char*, …)’:

EtherCardW5100_o.cpp:191: error: ‘eeprom_read_byte’ was not declared in this scope

while ((d = eeprom_read_byte(s++)) != 0)


sketch\EtherCardW5100_o.cpp: At global scope:

EtherCardW5100_o.cpp:228: error: multiple definition of ‘enum tcpstate_t’

enum tcpstate_t


In file included from sketch\EtherCardW5100_o.cpp:29:0:

EtherCardW5100.h:183: error: previous definition here

enum tcpstate_t


EtherCardW5100_o.cpp:257: error: ‘WiFiServer EtherCardW5100::w5100server’ is not a static member of ‘class EtherCardW5100’

ETHERNES EtherCardW5100::w5100server(80);


EtherCardW5100_o.cpp:258: error: ‘WiFiClient EtherCardW5100::w5100client’ is not a static member of ‘class EtherCardW5100’

ETHERNEC EtherCardW5100::w5100client;


EtherCardW5100_o.cpp:259: error: ‘WiFiUDP EtherCardW5100::w5100udp’ is not a static member of ‘class EtherCardW5100’

ETHERNEUDP EtherCardW5100::w5100udp;


sketch\EtherCardW5100_o.cpp: In static member function ‘static bool EtherCardW5100::staticSetup(const uint8_t*, const uint8_t*, const uint8_t*, const uint8_t*)’:

EtherCardW5100_o.cpp:289: error: no matching function for call to ‘EtherCardW5100::WiFiconnect(bool)’