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Hi Ray

I have just about the same problem for about 3 weeks now

I have 3 active Open Sprinkler computers at my home, “all act” the same – When tring to connect via Http: Browsers now
all -> are the self built HW version (I think 2.2Updated I can check), FW. 2.6., different Config/Programming

Further Relevant links may be :

I think that something changed with Win10 update or “Some Other Update” (both Chrome, IE, EDGE, Firefox.. etc…) answer the same
suddenly of the Same Computers (that worked fine with the OSs for about 1.5years now)

I think – It’s computer “With Update” related (2 computers updated by Win10 (can’t stop update policy) can’t connect now, Win7 Computer (Old) can connect fine)
Connection through Phone (Android APP) can connect !

You get a “Phenomena” that “Plays” like that :
1) If a computer had a Cookie with the Password – you will load with Black Screen On Chrome, loading like on Edge (can send screen captures) & IE, same with Firefox
2) If you did not have the Password Cookie of OS, you will get stuck on LogIn Screen & will never be able to log in
I’m not sure, but EDGE will write : loading… and go to black screen very fast (I’m not sure if with Cookie or Without)

The problem is systematic & repetitive with 3 Active OpenSprinklers I have (different Zones, & Configuration – Same FW version, different IPs, network Switches & Routers, etc..)

The –> /ja answers fine :

How can you help ? as I need now to keep the Win7 alive (as I needed to re-config Summer Programming for all 3 devices & with Phone App it’s less comfortable)
I think that more people will meet this behavior with time