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In the attachment ,I have modified the pins.h file adding proto 11 for your case! To be selected in the line #define proto 11.
Now the question is what GPio assign to station outputs:
In the file I have left 0x3x numbers that are for a PDF expander
You have to set your books, but do not use 1 ,3 ,4 and 5.
Try using 0,2,9,10,12,13,14,15 and 16 left for spare!
You can probably do it since your board is a Esp8266 12e!

Anyhow you are going to test with a fully blind system , having no feedback where the MCU work ,where is connected to internet ,where command to valves are received and running!
I doubt you will be able to do anything with this configuration: keep USB connected (pin 1 and3) at least you will see something!