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Yes! If you can point me to the relevant code, that would be a big help. I can translate the Javascript into Python and be on my way.

On another topic, I will likely post on the OpenGarage forum, I have been thinking about an Alexa skill for OpenGarage. I am pretty sure that your code and hardware would need modification to make it work. Alexa, depending on where it is in the code, times out in three seconds. This can not be changed. The delay() function, if used, is ignored. My garage door takes about 8 seconds to open. The OpenGarage skill would have timed out before it tripped the rangefinder for confirmation of success. I think, perhaps, the solution is to use an audio sensor (the simple ‘go/no go’ kind) to detect that door is in motion. Immediately after an open/close command is sent the skill could get back a JSON string with ‘sound’ ‘yes/no’ and say something like ‘<pause> good, I can hear it moving <pause>’. This would take up enough time for the door to finish moving before the timeout and confirmation of success could happen with the rangefinder as usual. I have been working with the EPS8266 variants lately and they are pretty nice.

I need to think about this a little more and then I will get something up on the other forum.