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Thomas Schuett

because of my hardware (rev. 2.1), upgrade to 2.1.7 isn´t possible (avrdude error).

error 1:

You didn’t show how long your program is set to run to I couldn’t tell that information

the prog is starting at 9:00 am – (only) one station ist running 12h
additional start time is set to 9:00 pm – so the same station is (should) running again 12h
–> the additional start time is never starting !

error 2:
cannot store 24h for a station in a prog (so I used the workaround with 2x 12h !).
The max input & correct stored running time is 16h (17h = Sunrise to Sunset, 19h = 0:47, 20h = 1:47h …).