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I also have a similar issue where I bought the OpenSprinkler 3.0 that came with firmware v2.1.7 installed. Initially the logging was working. I recently installed a flow sensor and enabled it and the logging stopped working with and error message as described in the previous post from Mike Mathee.

Yesterday, I wanted to check in on the logs and found that I’m getting an error saying “Error retrieving log data. Please try again later.”
The enable logging tick box under system options is still checked. I unchecked, checked the feature and rebooted the unit several times.
But the logging does not work.

The OpenSprinkler 3.0 does not have an SD card (at least I don’t believe it does) and so how can I fix the problem since I don’t have access to format the card.

I would like to get the logging feature to work again, how can I do this?