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Hi @Peter,
You know that I found your sources very useful, but I ordered a nodemcu with the H driver to have the most compact and robust device.
I have ordered 2 pieces of each, and with them I did not get the driver to work. The outputs of motor A are always 0V.

I’ve tried several setups, with shorcut connector (short by VM and VIM), thus can use one power source (must be 4.5V~9V) to complete the drive and control for motor at a time. Also with two power source (9V to motor and 5V to nodemcu). I’ve tested your source code without modifications, and your code with my owns settings that I need to work with my other driver. In this old driver, I need to have only one data line in high state to +9V output, and another line in high state to -9V. More descriptive: GPIO0 high and GPIO5 low to +9V and GPIO0 low and GPIO5 high to -9V.

I dont understand why it fail and it is strange that both drivers are defective.
Am I forget something?

Thanks once again.