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I’ve submitted a ticket, was just hoping maybe others had some different ideas from what we’ve tried.

Double check the wiring: common wire goes to COM terminal block, and each zone wire should go to an individual zone port.
COM wire is in the left slot of the terminal block, each zone wire is in the zone block, slots 1-4

I am not sure what you meant by ‘zones 1 and 2 use the same sprinkler head’ — are zones 1 and 2 sharing the same wire?
They are not using the same wire, just the sprinklers themselves are the same type (small fan-spray head, others are large rotating heads)

How did you run a test program? Did you click on a zone and manually turned it on, or did you create a test program and start the program manually?
I’ve done both, but primarily will manually turn it on from the main page of the app

Once the test program is started, what did the homepage show? Did it show one of the valve running?
The app/homepage is working sufficiently, and shows that the test is running (turns green and moves to the top of the page)

I’ve also measured the resistance, and each COM/zone wire pair is within 26-50 Ohm, and cleaned/restripped the wires to ensure connectivity.