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Assuming the start date and stop date is correct I believe it would. Here is link to an online epoch date converter:

epoch time converter

Here is what the docs say:

/jl?pw=xxx&​start=xxx​&​end=xxx​&​type=xxx​ ​or /jl?pw=xxx&​hist=n​&​type=xxx

and here is an example from the same doc which gets data from Friday, October 17, 2014 5:36:07 PM (start=1413567367) to Saturday, October 18, 2014 6:36:07 PM (end=1413657367) GMT.
Example Return​: (e.g. by requesting http://os-ip/jl?pw=xxx&start=1413567367&end=1413657367)
[[3,17,616,1413511817], [0,”rd”,86400,1413511845], [254,1,5,1413512107], [1,3,2700,1413552661], [5,3,1200,1413559201]]

I find the second command more useful and easy to use:


where it just retrieves the data for the past n days.