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Thanks Ray – your post answers all of the questions that I had.

I’m seeing the 7th, because it’s repeating 6 times – totally makes sense, I just wasn’t thinking there.

With my pump system, I just changed my plumbing of my supply lines and manifolds to 1.5″ from 1″ – this allows me to run far more heads / zone. This took me from 7 zones down to 3, so I’m encountering exactly what you mention – the last zone isn’t running because it’s landing in the queue twice, so my last cycle was 2/3 of the cycle.

So I’ll probably have to pick an interval that’s just slightly less than the total runtime so this doesn’t happen. I’d still like to see a checkbox added for a continuous loop (like a Boolean field that would change this to just repeat when the last station ends) added as a feature in the future. 🙂