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Hello, last two day i was trying compile code unfortunately without success 🙁 i’m using Ardunio IDE version 1.8.3 and latest espressif/arduino-esp32. I thing I’ve solved some issues but no i’m stack. Below summary of changes:
1. file Esp32-Sprinkler.ino – #include <Time/TimeLib.h> changed to #include <TimeLib.h>
2. I’ve got ‘File’ was not declared in this scope error so in EtherCardW5100.cpp i’ve added #include <SPIFFS.h> and downloaded SPIFFS.h library for ESP32
3. For some reason unclear for me #define MY_PING included in Pins.h did not work and I’ve got “‘Ping’ was not declared” error. Adding #define MY_PING in EtherCardW5100.cpp solved this problem.
4. Next i’ve got “‘SOCKET’ does not name a type” error so i’ve added #include <lwip/sockets.h> in EtherCardW5100.cpp

but now i’ve got several errors “macro “write” requires 3 arguments, but only 1 given”. I’m running out of ideas… do you have any ?

If I read this post correctly my problem number 4 whit write macro is due Macro incompatibility between lwip/sockets.h and functional libraries. I do not know if this may be simple solved.

i see that you going to develop ping library, can you share time frame please? I’m also curious why we need ping at all. Can we checks for example WiFI connection status and/or NTP server using NTP library and if this fails reconnect network or reboot (after 6 attempts) ?