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Thanks for trying!
Regarding libraries you have done it rigth, since esp32-arduino is far from beeing complete, you have to dig around the missing libraries.
I believe that most of your errors depend on setting you have on your pins.h file.
You should use define proto 12, on 12 you have all define I have used to compile the code.
This has been done for a bare devkit c board without any HW attached, but in this configuration the code compile and run!
You have to set in the code ethercard5100.cpp your SSID and password because WifiManager is not available!
Since the code is multiplatform and multihardware I put all define in the pins.h file , there if you want to add your configuration just add another proto number copying and pasting the lines of another proto the one most similar to your!!
I will try to avoid putting #define around in the code and I suggest you put all those in the pins.h file!
If you have problems just send a message with your pins setting and I will try to compile it myself!
I have just checked…. MY_PING has to be not DEFINEd otherwise you get all errors relative to Sockets …..!

Regarding ping,…I made a ping library but….yes you are right there are probably better way to check network status… I am already working on that!