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Success !!!

After changing I2C pins to 5,4 (from 26,25) all seems to work perfectly and much much faster then on ESP8266. Why changing pins made a different I din’t know 🙁 I was trying to find anything in doc and forums but without success. Maybe this is related to my chip OLED build in esp32 development board.

Anyway. Now everything works maybe except logs, circle is spinning and spinning without any results. In debug info is also one error “wtopts.txt does not exist” this is related to weather options file but after changing API key weather is shown correctly. Another issue may by whit NTP synchronization. During startup looks like NTP client try connect several times but whit unknown result. I need to investigate this.

So to any interested. Looks like OpenSprinkler works on ESP32 (whit some limitation) Paolo great work !!!

BTW. Have you seen this looks like WiFiManager is ported on ESP32 already.