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We are aware of the issue as a few other users reported similar problem. Because it’s not a common problem, we haven’t been able to reproduce the issue but I suspect it has something to do with reported access to the flash memory in a short amount of time. While we are investigating this issue, a temporary work-around is to delete the log when this happens. Below are the details:

The API to delete all log data is:
where x.x.x.x is your device’s IP, pw= gives the password (in MD5 checksum form). To obtain the MD5 checksum, you can use any online MD5 checksum calculator, such as this one:
type in your password as a string at the bottom, and compute it. The MD5 password is generally a 32-byte string (for example, it may look like ABCDE12354…..)

You can also manually obtain the log data in raw format by using the following API:
which requests the log data of the past 7 days. In the cases reported, it seems manually obtain the log data in raw format works fine. You can verify it by using the above API.