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Thanks alot, i can compile & upload it to WeMos D1 Mini using Arduino IDE 1.8.3 after change the Updater.h with in packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/2.3.0/cores/esp8266/
Somehow, when i use ESP8266 core 2.2.0 it will compile but afer i upload it, my WeMos D1 Mini Just “Hang” with OpenSprinkler WiFi logo.
When i use ESP8266 core 2.3.0 it will fine.

PS: I use Kubuntu 17.04 64 bit.
I use (clone download from github),
– then extract it and rename the folder OpenSprinkler-Firmware-master to OpenSprinkler
– then rename mainArduino.ino to OpenSprinkler.ino
– after that, i put OpenSprinkler folder above to ~/Arduino/
– Download version 3.2.7, extract it and rename the folder to SSD1306
then move folder SSD1306 to ~/Arduino/libraries/
– then open OpenSprinkler.ino from the folder ~/Arduino/OpenSprinkler/ with Arduino IDE
– then Compile and Upload it to WeMos D1 Mini