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Thanks for the reply.

I’am newbie, As far i know, the problem is related to the library.
secomd because i try to compile using Arduino IDE under Linux and you using windows.

i have been using google to solve the problem, and this point out to this forum and on esp8266 forum ( )
but i still don’t understand.

i try to compile using this
and of course, i only move the Folder OpenSprinkler_Arduino_V_2_1_6 to ~/Arduino/ and rename it to OpenSprinkler__V_2_1_6
just as i tell you before.
i attach the screenshot about it.

I will use this schematic , it use OLED, DS1307 and 74HC595
but i will using Relay Module like this and connect it to 74HC595
and for the button, i will use WeMos D1 Mini Pin D3 (GPIO 0), D4 (GPIO 2) and D6 (GPIO 12)

I hope you could help me.

Best Regrads,