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Thanks for the reply.

I have been read the readme in here,
but this link not exist anymore.
that why i ask you in every reply.

And in the readme doesn’t have #include <Arduino-Ping-master\ESP8266ping.h> and LiquidCrystal_I2C.h ( needed in penSprinkler.h line 55 )
I have re read this topic from page 1 to 6, and i dont find the post that mentioned where i should get the library.

What i found out, there is user @fivos that using this LiquidCrystal v1.2.1 library ,
but when i use that library to compile, i got the same error.
Here i write the error again:
In file included from sketch/EtherCardW5100.cpp:36:0:

OpenSprinkler.h:262: error: 'LiquidCristal' does not name a type
 static LiquidCristal lcd;
exit status 1
'LiquidCristal' does not name a type

The defines should be correct, i attach the pin.h so you can read it.

Btw, i will give up for now.
I will wait until you clean up the file in github, give a proper readme file.
I still want to use 74HC595, so i will waiting.

Thanks for your time.

I will take my time to mod
to make the Button B1, B2, and B3 using GPIO Pin on WeMos D1 Mini,
I will try to disable Buzzer, and Disable RF TX and RF RX and use it for Button Pin.
I Will be glad if can give sugestion about how to disable it, i have try edit define.h and assign to another pin, but failed.

Best Regrads,