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The prototype board is under test right now!
Everything work as expected and some features like range exceed best expectations!
We have also designed a nice waterproof enclosure and we will be ready to start a IndieGoGo campain very soon planning delivery of first items on may 2018.
We plan to build several type of adapters so that can fit most of existing brands and to deliver also SmartSolenoid with his own valve body!

Price of the Solenoid adapter will be 50€ and Solenoid + valve 60€! We are evaluating selections of US distributors and we expect similar prices (55 and 65$) in North America. We want to keep the price as low as possible ,considering that an average latching solenoid valve cost is 30€ !

Anybody interested should partecipate to the
IndieGoGo coming soon :
or SmartSolenoid book :
surveys selecting the type of SmartSolenoid and the quantity.
This way you can obtain a discount for your crowdfunding perks orders , please select type of perks ( specify the valve brand and type) and number of units.

The OpenSprinkler code running on Esp32 that will connect wireless to SmartSolenoid valves will be OpenSource as well as the Smartphone application.