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I moved the Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin to be between

<Directory /var/www/>



Now I’m up and running. Probably if I move the AddEncoding and AddTypes I can stick with the zipped version of the js and css–not that it matters on a pi, but I’ll check to be sure and post what I found out.

The way it worked on the older apache release (or maybe it was wheezy vs. Jessie Stretch Lite) was that the directories applied to ALL directories if not inside a directory block. Maybe that changed.

I’m going to try adding the ability to schedule a fixed off time instead of a duration. Turn on at sunset and off at 10:00 pm, for example. Which I think means the UI needs to have an field for the off time and the firmware needs to calculate duration based on each day’s sunset. There are some fragments for calculating the duration when sunset to sunrise is used for the duration, so I should have enough for “monkey see monkey do”.

This is for the deck, pathway, and front entrance lighting. Already I can control them using the same UI as I use for my sprinkler systems. But, for the lighting, I don’t want a fixed on time and it’s really not necessary to run them all night long (dusk to dawn IS currently supported).

If there’s an easier way than hacking a locally hosted copy, I’d appreciate a hint. I have no problem sharing the modified code, once I get it working (if anyone else is interested).