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Thanks for trying the app! First let me mention there are a couple of bugs that should be fixed as soon as I have some time.

1) I updated Google Play services in the last update which broke Google Drive backup, I have a fix but it is taking the app (or Google) takes too long to realize when permission to access Google Drive have been revoked, which causes crashes. I have placed a button in the app to revoke this permission, so users do not have to let the app have permissions when it is not using Google Drive. Hopefully Google resolves this issue soon.

2) Android 8.1.0 broke the ability to read the current network BSSID (SSID of router). I have not had time to look into a fix, but will be doing so soon.

As for OK Google:

There are a few ways this can be done, If using Google Now the app integrates with the AutoVoice Tasker Plugin. If using Google Assistant it can be done using (IFTTT along with AutoRemote) OR (with a google assistant shortcut)

There are links to setup using IFTTT in the app. If using Google Assistant Shortcuts there are 2 launcher apps installed with Voice for IoT, One called “Voice for IoT” and one called “Voice Control for Voice for IoT”. All you would have to do is create a shortcut (for example “talk to my home” which has the Google Assistant “launch Voice Control for Voice for IoT”.

Please let me know if you need any assistance.