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But, the voice command wasn’t recognized.

When I say the same thing after clicking the microphone icon in the voiceforiot app, it corrects “turn pathway lights on” to “turn pathway_lights on”. This works.

So, I’m thinking I should just use “pathway” instead of “pathway lights”. Or, maybe figure out how why the same correction isn’t being done when I use Google Assistant and all the stuff in between it and voiceforiot app.

Also the Spoken Location should be “pathway” and the Spoken Device should be “lights”. In this way it will allow for many variations of the command such as “turn on the pathway lights” or “turn on the lights in the pathway”. As long as the app can pickup on both a Location (pathway), a device (light(s)) and an action (on), it will trigger the correct Linked command. This will also allow for commands to be chained with multiple locations (pathway, living_room, pool) or multiple devices (lights, fan, sprinkler).

Example of triggering multiple locations with the same device: Turn on the pathway and living room lights. (This will trigger 2 commands, pathway-lights and living_room-lights. Spoken_Location-Spoken_Device).
Example of triggering multiple devices at the same location: Turn on the dining room fan and lights. (This will trigger 2 commands, dining_room-lights and dining_room-fan).