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Ten days ago I thought this thread had solved my problem, but now I seem to be back at square one.

I have a v3.0 DC controller configured with one expansion board, controlling 20 stations all up. I have six individual programs running on a seven day cycle, with a mix of sequential and non-sequential stations. I don’t think there’s anything else special about my configuration—no other sensors or anything like that.

As I recall, everything worked as expected for about the first 16 days (based on the log entries that I have managed to save). Then, on the 17th day, I was unable to display any log entries through the web interface. I didn’t know whether or not this may simply have been related to something I did in the set-up phase (the problem was with a newly installed controller) so, after retrieving the log entries via the API (they were all there, just not displaying through the web interface), I cleared the logs (per advice in this thread) and all was well… for about another 8 days…

This morning I went to check the log, as I have done on a more or less daily basis since I cleared the logs (on Jan 4) and received the “Nothing to display” message. I then tried to retrieve the logs through the API but this time there was nothing there either.

I ran a program manually, just to see if anything was actually being logged, and sure enough, there was a log entry, but only this one, most recent entry.

The previous log file I managed to save contained 199 entries. By my estimation there would have been less than 100 entries in the log as of yesterday.

If I knew I had to save the log file periodically, I could probably live with that (although it’d be nice not to have to do that more often than about once a month), but this doesn’t look like an ‘overflow’ problem. In the most recent case, the log has actually been deleted. Could I have deleted the log inadvertently? Well, anything’s possible, but I really don’t think I would have.

Has anyone else following this thread seen anything similar, or is it just me?

I do recall reading somewhere that the log entries are kept for something like one year. What happens then? Are just the year-old entries deleted? Could there be a problem with this process that is leading to premature deletion?