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I just let things go (i.e. didn’t delete log entries or anything) after my last post (Jan 22) and then, a couple of days later, the log entires started displaying again. Now I can display the last 7 days’ entries (the default), but if I try to display any more (i.e. extend the start date back to Jan 23—when I last cleared the log—or anything beyond 7 days earlier than the current date—anything less than 7 days is fine) all I get is the grey spinning wheel. They can all be accessed via the API OK, so there are more [than just 7 days’ worth] there.

If I switch from Timeline to Table display mode, the Table is actually displaying entries for the last 9 days, even though the Options request only the last 7 days. It may be coincidental, but the oldest event in the Table list is a Rain Delay that I entered manually, 9 days ago. I do note that, in my case, Timeline mode seems to display its entries counting back from the current time, while Table mode seems to display entries counting back from the last log entry (which, in my case, is most often the previuos day), but ewven that doesn’t explain why, in this case, Table mode is displaying data (albeit just the Rain Delay event) from 9 days ago.

Also, the ‘Table Station Events’ count in either Timeline or Table mode seems to be the number of events displayed in Table mode, which as noted above is often not the same as the number displayed in Timeline mode.

With all my recent testing, it seems that any time I encounter the spinning grey disc, I simply go back to the main screen, reload (which seems to reset the date range to 7 days), and select ‘View Logs’ again. At least that’s the way things seem to be working now. I could reason that that process would cause a reload of any code that’s got itself stuck in a loop somewhere, which is what seems to happen when I try to extend the display date beyond 7 days.