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Thanks. Log file attached.

I’ve just fiddled a little more with the display date range. I don’t think the Rain Delay entry has any thing to do with anything. What I’ve discovered I am able do now is display only up to a 7 day period. If I try to reset the Start date, effectively extending the period beyond 7 days, I get the spinning disc. However, if I alter the end date first, bringing it back so that the range is less than 7 days, say just 5, the shorter log is displayed OK. If I then alter the Start date to be no more than 7 days before the End date I get 7 days worth of log. If I try to set the Start date beyond 7 days before the End date, I once again get the spinning disc.

This seems to work consistently. If I steadily adjust the End date, then the Start date so that the two are never more than 7 days apart, I can get back to the start of the log.