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I pulled the records via the API (http:/os_ip/jl?hist=21) and just cut & pasted them from the browser into the file that I forwarded.

I’ve looked at the Developer Tools under both Safari and Chrome and I can’t really see anything that seems relevant. Chrome throws up a warning about an SSL certificate that won’t be trusted in some future release, but there’s nothing in the Safari log.

And after all the fiddling around, the OpenSprinkler unit in question will now not show any log entries, regardless of the date range. I’ve even gone and power cycled the unit, but still no log display (at all), although everything’s still accessible via the API. I’m running five units and the other four are displying their logs on request (same computer, same browser, just different tabs; same on an iPad using the App) just fine, although they only have five days of entries at the moment.

I have some network sniffer software somewhere, so I’ll see if I can dig that up and see if the network traffic provides any hint as to what might be happening.

Note that all of these are just OS V3.0 hardware, no OSPis.